Family Meeting Clip Art

The episode starts with Vic Mackey meeting Ronnie Gardocki and telling him that Shane didn’t show up at the drop off, and that Vic’s wife Corinne was arrested. Vic also tells Ronnie (falsely) that ICE Agent Olivia Murray agreed to clear himself, Ronnie, and Corinne once they arrest Beltran. Vic and Ronnie meet with Beltran, who reluctantly agrees to meet with the black board of directors at the exchange. Meanwhile, Dutch Wagenbach tells Corinne about the deal Vic made for full immunity, which causes her to panic. Dutch assures her that they have an idea for keeping her safe from Vic if he finds out what she did to him. At Mara’s request, Shane takes Mara and Jackson back to their home, and they plan to leave the next day when the police are busy guarding the president.

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