Fire Island New York Map

Fire Island is the large center island of the outer barrier islands parallel to the south shore of the mainland of Long Island. The island is approximately 31 miles (50 km) long and varies between 520 and 1,310 feet (160 and 400 m) wide. Its land area is 24. 9 square kilometres (6,152. 9 acres; 9. 6 square miles). Fire Island is part of Suffolk County, New York. It lies within the towns of Babylon, Islip, and Brookhaven, containing two villages and a number of hamlets. All parts of the island not within village limits are part of the Fire Island census-designated place (CDP), which had a permanent population of 292 at the 2010 United States Census, though that expands to thousands of residents and tourists during the summer months. Since the late 1930s, the island has been a popular destination for the LGBT community. Every year on the fourth of July hundreds of drag queens board the ferry from Cherry Grove to The Pines in a reenactment of the 1976 act of solidarity now known as the “Invasion of the Pines”.

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